Valspar Valde EFC

Powder technology with NO compromises

With Valde EFC powder coating, you have the ultimate flexibility to improve your operational efficiency while achieving the same coating protection and durability you've come to expect from Valspar. You can turn the heat down, while turning your line speed up, even on production parts that are heavy, temperature sensitive or pre-assembled. Valspar delivers value where you need it most.

Valspar Valde Edge Coverage Powder Coatings

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Advantages of Valspar Valde EFC

Adjust cure temperatures and cycle times to meet your operational needs

You can have it all in one coating with Valspar Valde EFC:

  • Increase your productivity through faster cure cycles
  • Reduce costs through shortened operating times in your finishing process
  • Increase the capacity of your existing assets without capital expenditures
  • Bring previously outsourced part painting in-house
  • Lower your environmental impact, reducing energy use through lower cure temperatures and zero VOC emissions
  • Convert parts that traditionally have required liquid coatings to powder coatings for zero VOC finishing

Example of Time and Energy Savings with Valde EFC

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Why Valspar®

We're an innovative global leader in coatings technology for the Industrial coatings markets. We're focused on delivering customer value through specified technology and cost-reduction techniques that yield the lowest total cost solution.

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